Septembre 2016

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  • The trip

    Par Romain HERNOUT, publié le mercredi 2 novembre 2016 11:36 - Mis à jour le dimanche 20 novembre 2016 21:44

    We left collège Jean Vilar on Thursday 22nd at 5:30 and we went to Beauvais airport. There we took the plane at 9:25 to Dublin. With the time difference it was only 10:20 am when we landed in Dublin. 

    Once arrived we collected our bags and we ate our sandwiches in the airport because we had to wait for Alexandre's suitcase which was lost. John (the coach driver) was waiting for us at the airposrt and he drove us to Clonmacnoise.

    In clonmacnoise we visited the site and then we continued our journey to the West. We drove past Galway to go to Letterfrack. and we finally arrived in the hostel  around 7:00 pm.

    For the rest of our stay, we had the same coach driver but a smaller coach. 

  • The hostel

    Par Gregoire DUCHATEAU, publié le lundi 7 novembre 2016 19:38 - Mis à jour le dimanche 20 novembre 2016 21:44

    In Ireland we stayed in a hostel called Cloverfox. It is situated in Letterfrak, near the National Park.

    In the hostel there were many bedrooms, a long corridor and a breakfast room. There was a cool atmosphere there. In the bedrooms there were several beds (in mine it was me who had the biggest bed ahahah...), one  little bathroom with a toilet, a shower and a washbasin with a mirror. The bedrooms were rather big, the mattresses were comfortable but the water of the shower was very very hot... In my bedroom there 4 of us: Paul,Stéphane,Thomas and me. We had a lot of fun !

    In the morning we went to the breakfast room and sometimes there were also other people there but we didn't see them much.

    The people working in the hostel and the restaurant were very nice.

    Cloverfox is a really good hostel !!!

  • The food

    Par Matthieu DEMAILLY, publié le mercredi 19 octobre 2016 14:42 - Mis à jour le dimanche 20 novembre 2016 21:43

    The food we ate in Ireland was varied. We ate at the restaurant of the hostel once a day. The tables were reserved for us and there was always a choice between two menus: a fish or a meat. The last day we also had a dessert. It was delicious. There were several different kinds of fish (the most popular is salmon), there were often potatoes too. They cooked the potatoes in different ways: in mashed potatoes, fries, or boiled. The typical menu is fish and chips.

    For the other meal (generally for lunch) we made our own sandwiches in the morning or in the afternoon. There again, we had the choice. The sandwiches were composed of smoked salmon, ham or cheese with butter or philadelphia, tomato, cucumber or green onions and we also had crisps, apples and water. The teachers bought the food from a little supermarket accross the street where we could also buy our own food (pringles,coca cola etc...) if we wanted.

    In the morning we went to the breakfast room. There were corn flakes, different types of bread, nutella, several sorts of jam, peanut butter, hot chocolate, fruit juice, fruit, etc... We helped ourselves and made our own washing-up after breakfast.

  • Clonmacnoise

    Par Lorian MAILLE, publié le lundi 31 octobre 2016 11:20 - Mis à jour le dimanche 20 novembre 2016 21:43

    On our way from Dublin to Letterfrack, we stopped in the center of Ireland and we visited Clonmacnoise.

    In the tenth century, Saint Ciàran built a wooden church in Clonmacnoise. Ciàran died of the yellow plague. He was the son of a carpenter and he was 33 when he died like Jesus. Clonmacnoise rapidly became one of the most important monasteries in Ireland and it was the center of Irish Art and literature. Unfortunately in the 16th century, the English destroyed all the monasteries in Ireland including Clonmacnoise.

    In 1955, the Irish decided to preserve this site. In 1993, the museum was built and the 3 crosses were carried inside the museum. The cross of the Saint Scriptures shows the Christ's crucifixion and different episodes of the Bible. The second cross is like the first one but it has Celtic symbols. The top of the third cross was destroyed. This cross has celtic symbols too and animals.

    Outside, there are the replicas of the 3 crosses which are now inside. There are two round towers, the ruins of several churches and a cemetery. There is a also a hole with magic water which can cure warts according to the legend. Another legend says that if farmers put some earth from Temple Ciàran in the 4 corners of their field, harvest will be good.

    This place is old and in ruin but the site is beautiful !


    One Great Irish Spot': Clonmacnoise - The Wild Geese  Résultat de recherche d'images pour "clonmacnoise"

  • The Follies !!!!!!

    Par Stéphane BLOND, publié le dimanche 20 novembre 2016 17:53 - Mis à jour le dimanche 20 novembre 2016 21:42

    The Follies is a French jazzband composed of a clarinetist, a trumpeter and singer, a saxophonist, a double-bassist and a drummer. The musicians are called Jacques, Jean, Bernard, Alain and Benoît. They were very nice with us.

    We first met Jacques in France when we rehearsed our 3 songs with him and with M. Mangin. The titles of these songs were "Les Copains d'abord", "Le Jazz et la Java" and "Suez". We then rehearsed again with the whole group in Letterfrack when we arrived at the hostel on Thursday evening and a last time at the school on Friday morning.

    We then sang with them in public at the school show and finally at a hotel in Clifden. At the hotel, the drummer made a solo. It was very good and entertaining !

    Jacques was excellent at putting us at ease. He was very funny and he had a strange dance when he was happy. After some time we all started to dance like him. It was fun.




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